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Soft Braking Systems for Mining

Hoist brakes and caliper disc brakes in an industrial braking system are essential to ensuring safe and reliable operations in any mining project. When transporting materials throughout the mine, advanced industrial braking systems are needed to ensure smooth delivery and prevent any sudden stops from occurring. These brake systems need to account for a host of challenges, including power outages, to ensure that operations remain intact.

For these types of applications that require a high level of precision and reliability, a soft braking control system is the perfect solution.

About Soft Braking Control Systems

Our closed-loop soft braking control system can automatically reduce and increase braking power using collected data on speed, acceleration, and more. These calculations are retrieved from sensors on the brakes and allow for a reliable and fully-controlled stop. Values from these calculations are compared with preset points on the brakes and if these calculations differ; the control system will adjust accordingly. 

Soft industrial braking systems are a huge benefit to the mining industry due to their ability to maintain braking control, even during a power outage. Due to the remote locations of many mines, maintaining power is a constant concern. Outages can be costly to a mine operation, and the sudden stopping of a mine conveyor carrying a heavy load can potentially damage the equipment. In this situation, a soft braking control system can allow the conveyor to maintain the ability to precisely stop—even during a sudden outage.

To maintain reliable mine conveyor operation, a soft industrial braking system and soft braking controller are crucial. When building a soft braking system, hoist brakes and hydraulic caliper disc brakes are often used thanks to their reliability in challenging conditions such as mining.

Crafting a Soft Braking Control System with Johnson Industries

Creating a soft braking control system requires a level of expertise only decades of braking experience can provide. Our team of experts can help to craft reliable soft braking control systems for mining operations or any other application! Contact our industrial brake experts today to get help with any of your braking needs.

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