The Marvel of Braking Systems in Offshore, Onshore, and Mobile Rigs

In the vast realm of drilling, from the colossal Offshore and Onshore Drawworks to the more compact Mobile, Service, or Work-Over Rigs, a properly sized brake system is critical for safety. These behemoths, particularly the massive Drawworks, demand unparalleled braking precision and power. The industrial brakes employed here are not your everyday systems; they’re tailored to withstand intense operations, ensuring the utmost safety and functionality. One of the key components in this intricate dance is the ventilated disc. Crafted with precision, these discs allow for rapid heat dissipation, critical in maintaining optimal performance and avoiding brake fade during prolonged or intense usage. It’s this thermal capacity – the ability of the mass of the brake disc to store and dissipate heat – that sets apart industrial-grade systems from the rest. In the grand symphony of drilling and extraction, these brakes play a crucial, albeit often overlooked, role in ensuring operations run seamlessly, safely, and efficiently.

Shell Olypmus Rig

Offshore Oil Rig Platform fitted with Johnson Industrial Brake Systems

The oil industry has unique applications for both, on-shore and offshore equipment. The Drawworks equipment is essentially a winch system for creating a series of pipe connections to drill into reservoirs of oil beneath the Earth’s surface. The braking system requires an ever-increasing amount of brake torque as the load increases due to the depth drilled. The addition of each piece of drill pipe as the drill string reaches further into the drill hole, causes an increasing load until the desired depth is reached. For this application brake systems require a cooling system, either through water-cooling or air ventilation at the brake disc. The brakes are typically either Hydraulic or Pneumatic versions.

Drawworks Cable Drum Assembly fitted with a Johnson Industrial Brake System

Oil Industry, four 68HHH two actuator, hydraulically operated caliper disc brakes on a 84″ [2133 mm] diameter x 1.125″ [28.6 mm] thick brake disc all mounted on a 4600 HP Drawworks. Johnson caliper disc brakes can be air or hydraulic release, spring-set is standard.


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