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Johnson designs and manufactures a range of disc brakes in our factories.  The disc brakes come in various configurations, either hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or manual models depending on customer preference and the application.  The brake systems come in power applied and spring applied fail safe versions.  The two mounting styles available for most models are side or foot mounted.  Johnson also produces brakes with custom engineered mounting designs as required by the customer.  There are direct spring acting, free floating designs and lever brakes as well.  Our free floating brake designs will compensate for various amounts of axial run-out in power transmission equipment.  Johnson has a standard range of control systems for all of the styles of brakes, and custom engineered brake control systems are also available.

Johnson disc brakes are in service around the world on mining conveyors, oil field, nuclear, steel industry, crane hoists and other material handling or power transmission equipment.

Looking for a different type of brake? We also offer a variety of drum brakes and more.

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