Introduction to Johnson Industries: Quality and Precision

2TL550 Caliper Disc Brakes in Mongolia, industrial disc brakes complete with hydraulic control system.

Why is Johnson Industries: Synonymous with Quality and Precision?  As an ISO9001 certified leader in the field, Johnson Industries is undeniably committed to the highest standards in every product we craft. Within our in-house designed and manufactured solutions, we primarily focus on:

Industrial Caliper Disc Brakes: Beginning with hydraulic and pneumatic, and then extending to spring-set and manually applied, we consistently cater to a diverse range of applications for hoists, conveyors, propulsion systems, and other rotating machinery.

In addition to these, we offer Global Brake Solutions: Our electro-magnetic and electro-hydraulic thruster drum and disc brakes, which are notably trusted worldwide, seamlessly integrate into cranes, hoists, material handling systems, and power transmission equipment.

Ultimately, choose Johnson Industries for unparalleled excellence in industrial brake solutions.

We Have Been Designing and Manufacturing Quality and Precision in Brakes Since 1915

The Inception of Elevanja: A Pioneering Spirit in British Industrial Braking

In 1913, amidst the burgeoning advancements in electrical engineering, three visionary founders—Elliston, Evans, and Jackson—took a bold leap of faith. Transitioning from the stability of established institutions, they soon united under a shared belief. They were confident that their combined expertise could indeed offer unparalleled electrical engineering solutions and products tailored to meet industry needs.

Building upon these ideals, Elevanja was conceived. Their humble beginnings were anchored in a quaint shop on Wilson St. in Finsbury, easily identifiable by its two windows and an adjoining shed. Remarkably, this modest beginning would eventually lay the groundwork for a storied legacy in British industrial braking.

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Company Overview

The Evolution of Johnson Industries & Elevanja: Masters of Industrial Brake Systems

A Global Footprint:

From our strategically positioned offices and advanced manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, Toronto, and England, Johnson Industries Ltd. stands unrivaled in delivering the most exhaustive selection of industrial brakes and brake systems on a global scale.

Our Legacy:

  • 1915: Elliston, Evans & Jackson (Elevanja) open.
  • 1966: Johnson Industries Ltd. comes to life on April 27th.
  • 1974: We proudly launched our primary corporate office and factory in Richmond, B.C., Canada.
  • 1993: Marking a significant milestone, we acquired Elevanja, a British gem in brake manufacturing since 1915. This merger bolstered the versatility of the Johnson brake portfolio.
  • 1997: To cater to our growing eastern clientele, we opened a branch in Toronto, Canada.
  • 2005: Embracing innovation, we transitioned to our cutting-edge manufacturing hub in Delta, B.C., Canada on October 25th.
  • 2015: Celebrating 100 years at the Elevanja UK Division.
  • 2016: Celebrating 50 years at Johnson Industries Delta (Vancouver) division.

Our Comprehensive Offerings:

Customized Solutions: We craft brake discs and drums tailored to client specs, including variations in diameter, bore, keyway, and unique features like dynamic balancing or forged ventilation holes.

Broad Product Range: Beyond brake discs, we’re renowned for diverse brake drum models, from standard to rough stock bore.

Transmission Couplings: A plethora of coupling types suited for diverse brake applications await you.

Storm and Parking Brakes: Pioneering in rail clamp systems, our offerings are pivotal for rail-mounted equipment like cranes, trippers and stacker-reclaimers.

Wheel Gripper System: An innovative clamping solution, essential for ensuring safety and stability in railway cars when evacuating bulk materials.

Unwavering Support:
Johnson’s commitment shines through our expansive parts inventory, inclusive of Elhy / Eldro thrusters. Count on us for maintenance, refurbishment, onsite services, training, and commissioning.

Power and Control Systems:
Complementing our brakes, we provide a rich spectrum of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Units, alongside Electrical control systems, ensuring seamless brake integration and performance.

With Johnson Industries, a world renowned industrial brake systems and clamping equipment manufacturer, experience the zenith of industrial brake solutions.

  • Specialists in industrial braking for more than 100 years and an ISO9001 certified company.

    Reach out to us for the most efficient and affordable braking solutions tailored for you.

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