Three TL800 Series Caliper Brakes

Leaving the Main Manufacturing Facility on Transport. Used with SAG, AG, and BALL mills


Two model 4-TL250 Series Toggle Lever Caliper Disc Brakes

Used with SAG, AG, and BALL mills


Caliper levers incorporate a unique toggle mechanism to compensate for spring force resulting in constant braking torque


4-TL250 HIGH TORQUE Toggle Lever disc brakes

Perspective Image of the Massive 4-TL250 Brake Calipers, Application for Mining SAG Mill


  • TL SERIES TOGGLE LEVER CALIPER BRAKES are the largest known spring applied, hydraulic released caliper brakes in the world. Features include a stackable design allowing 1 to 4 calipers to be mounted in a common frame and spring force compensation by toggle mechanism resulting in constant braking torque. The TL series brake is particularly well-suited to accommodate very high braking torque requirements in the harshest environments.
  • TL series brakes are ideally suited for use with equipment such as SAG Mills, BALL Mills and AG Mills.

Design Features:

  • Caliper shoes are attached with stainless steel shoe pins. These pins Incorporate countersunk lubricating holes, tapped pin-pulling holes, and a pin retention groove.
  • Caliper levers incorporate a unique toggle mechanism to compensate for spring force. This ensures constant braking torque.
  • The system is powered by a hydraulic power unit incorporating a manifold fitted with two 010 valves (shown in blue) to accommodate brake set, creeping and inching modes.

lb (kN)

Disc DIA.

in (mm)


Lb.ft (kNm)

TL075 75000(334) 80 (2032) 112,500 (152)
TL150 150000(668) 144 (3658) 421,800 (571)
TL250 250000(1112) 588 (14935) 3,000,000 (4,085)
TL375 375000(1668) 600 (15240) 3,689,000 (5,000)
TL550 550000(2446) 600 (15240) 5,410,000 (7,335)
TL800 800000(3558) 600 (15240) 7,853,000 (10647)

Brake Selection::

Note: All of the above TL brake calipers can be made in stacks of up to four individual brake units. Depending on the stackup the TL brake calipers can provide a torque of up to four times what is shown in this table.

The brake size must be chosen to give required braking torque and to dissipate the energy during stopping without over heating the disc. Brake torque is often related to drive motor torque by an arbitrary service factor typically 75% -100% full load torque for crane travel and similar inertial loads which tend to be self stopping or 150% -200% for crane hoists and other overhauling loads. If a precise stop time or distance is specified, then the brake torque must be calculated.

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