Movable Bridge


Brake Model: SMLB06-EJ023/5LO. Thruster Drum Brake, Spring Applied and AC Voltage Released.3 limit switches. Brake set, brake release, hand release. With a heater.

SMLB Stainless steel Brake cover.

Movable Bridge on Machinery and Motor sides with 2 brakes on each Bridge Leaf Comes with: NEMA 3R Stainless Steel Enclosure, Space Heater (including thermostat), Brake Release Switch, Brake Set Switch, Hand Release, and a Lowering Valve (time delay) in thruster for adjustable brake setting time.

Other Options;

  • Stainless steel Brake Drums/Wheels (from 6″ to 30″)
  • Chrome Plated wheels
  • Corrosion Protection, Liquid Nitride, Zinc, Nickel, and Stainless Steel
  • Linings with low friction co-efficient
  • Flex-Rigid couplings
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