• Portal Cranes / Ship loading

    The Port Crane industry requires many brake systems on the Crane Hoists and the Drive systems that move the crane along the rail. In addition to the brake systems, a method of clamping the rails is required so that no movement occurs in the event of high wind forces. On hoists, the safest operation is with a dual braking method. The brakes should be mounted to the high-speed side of the gearbox and directly to the cable drum on the low speed side of the gearbox in case of a broken shaft or gears.

    High speed container crane fitted with Johnson Storm Brakes (Rail Clamps) and rail brakes, Thruster Drum Brakes and emergency caliper Disc Brakes acting directly on hoist flange.

    Rail Clamp, truck end mounting style, complete with an integral Hydraulic Power System mounted inside the same enclosure

  • Oil Industry

    Johnson Industries 6800 Series Disc Brakes on 84" Diameter Brake Discs

    Four of Model 68HHH dual actuator, spring applied / hydraulically released calliper disc brakes mounted to 84.0″ Diameter Brake Discs on a 4600HP Drawworks System. This model has an impressive 95,000 lbs [422kN] of clamping force per brake.

    The oil industry has unique applications for both, on-shore and offshore equipment. The Drawworks equipment is essentially a winch system for creating a series of pipe connections to drill into reservoirs of oil beneath the Earth’s surface. The braking system requires an ever-increasing amount of brake torque as the load increases due to the depth drilled. The addition of each piece of drill pipe as the drill string reaches further into the drill hole, causes an increasing load until the desired depth is reached. For this applications
    brake systems require a cooling system, either through water-cooling or air ventilation at the brake disc. The brakes are typically either Hydraulic or Pneumatic versions.Oil-sm
    Oil Industry, two 78HBAX three-high actuator, air operated caliper disc brakes on a 63″ [1600 mm] diameter x 4″ [102 mm] thick ventilated brake disc all mounted on a 300,000 lb Drawworks. Johnson caliper disc brakes can be air or hydraulic release, spring-set is standard.
  • Mining

    The mining sector braking requirements are vast. This sector utilizes Conveyor Systems, Grinding Mills, Stackers / Reclaimers, Mine Hoists, and various other types of rotating drive equipment, which require Brake Systems. The brake systems can be extremely large at up to 1 Million pounds [4448 kN] of clamping force, and there are also modest sized brakes, which start at 2900 pounds [12.8 kN] of clamping force. The braking systems can range from simple on/off emergency braking units to the more complex PLC controlled systems, which have several modes of braking response due to the feedback of changing conditions.

    Braking options:

    Grinding Mills

    Johnson TL Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Mine Hoists

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes and Hydraulic PLC Control Systems


    Johnson TL Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Conveyer Systems

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Shown here are two 2500kW (3351HP) Motors and gear drive systems, 2438mm (8 Ft.) Diameter Brake Discs fitted with two Johnson 2DS2040A Direct Spring Acting – Free Floating – Caliper Disc Brakes.

    Conveyor System

    Mine in Brazil, conveyor moving iron ore.

    Johnson DS Brakes installed at Mine in Brazil.

  • Lumber Industry


    In the wood handling crane sector, high duty cycle industrial brakes are required. The high duty cycle is required due to the quick agile crane operations for loading and systematically processing logs. In high duty cycle applications, achieving quick brake response times and multiple stops in succession are important.

    Log handling crane fitted with 58HHH toggle lever high duty cycle caliper disc brakes Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes and an HU022SR hydraulic Power Unit. The log-handling crane requires less land (work envelope), and is more environmentally friendly when compared to identical raw log handling methods.

  • Coal Handling

    Stacker Relaimer

    In the material handling industry, Stackers, Reclaimers, and Combination Stacker Reclaimers are utilized to move or re-position bulk materials such as coal and iron ore, in an efficient manner. The equipment is typically rail mounted providing movement in one direction and also has a boom, which can be raised or lowered for more accurate bulk material positioning. The typical Stacker is loaded via a dump truck or tractor and has a conveyor belt which moves material to another location. As the Stacker moves along the rails, it creates a systematic pile of Bulk Material for further processing. The dichotomy to the Stacker is the Reclaimer which has buckets that can scoop up the material and reposition in a different location via the conveyor belt. The braking options for a Sacker or Reclaimer can include, high speed brakes on the conveyors / bucket system, and Rail Clamps or Wheel Brakes for stopping or holding the system in a static position when high winds arise.

    Stacker Reclaimer

    Braking system: Johnson Sill Beam Mounted Storm Brakes (Rail Clamps)

    Conveying Systems

    Johnson Industries Storm & Parking Brakes division

    In-plant Conveying systems

    Johnson Industries Storm & Parking Brakes division

    Railway & Railcar Clamping, Gripping, and Braking Systems

    Johnson Industries Wheel Grippers, Storm & Parking Brakes division

    This stacker reclaimer services approximately 2.5 million Tonnes of coal, and can move up to 6,500 Tonnes/hour.

    Air Ventilation Control Systems – Brake applications

    Ventilation Shaft Fan Brakes

    Ducon Pollution Control System

  • Steel Industry

    The steel industry typically uses brake systems, which can take advantage of existing power on site, and electric type brakes, which tend to work better within high-temperature environments than hydraulic and pneumatic types. Quite often older steel mills will have DC (Direct Current) Power on site, which lends itself to Johnson Magnetic Disc and Drum Brake systems. The other typical types of brakes are AC (Alternating Current) thruster drum brakes, which can be controlled better than DC magnet brakes for applications where the Brake Torque must be modulated. Johnson DC magnet brakes work well for static and dynamic holding as the brake torque is adjustable

    Submarine Ladle cars

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Gantry Cranes

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Forming Drums

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Hot Strip Mill

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Coil Rollers

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Cold Rollers

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Steel Mill shown in production with hot molten metal moving across the scene, industrial brake system are used extensively here.

    435-ton main hoist and 105-ton auxiliary hoist fitted with SDLX Thruster Drum Brakes with Eldro thruster, self-adjusting feature, and modulated electronic foot pedal control system. This system is used to transport molten steel in a ladle, soft gradual stopping is provided by Johnson Brakes.

  • Ski Lift / Ropeway Industry

    The ski lift / ropeway industry requires unique brake systems as the variables are typically different for each project. The length of the ski hill dictates the length of the Ski Lift and thus the capacity of the equipment. The brake systems require gradual soft stopping to avoid having people fall down or become injured. The recent designs we have provided include the soft stop on Ski Chair Lifts to avoid excess swing in the Chairs.

    Drive Systems

    Johnson DS Series Caliper Disc Brakes

    Our brakes can be utilized for dynamic stopping, emergency stop, or both. Johnson calliper disc brakes can be electric, air, or hydraulic. The stopping time can be adjusted to suit any application where a gentle soft stop is required.

    Johnson Hydraulic Brake System & Power Unit

  • Bridge Industry



    Thruster Drum Brake, Spring Applied and AC Voltage Released.

    Brake Model: SMLB06-EJ023/5LO

    Movable Bridge on Machinery and Motor sides with 2 brakes on each Bridge Leaf Comes with: NEMA 3R Stainless Steel Enclosure, Space Heater (including thermostat), Brake Release Switch, Brake Set Switch, Hand Release, and a Lowering Valve (time delay) in thruster for adjustable brake setting time.

    Other Options;

    • Stainless steel Brake Drums/Wheels (from 6″ to 30″)
    • Chrome Plated wheels
    • Corrosion Protection, Liquid Nitride, Zinc, Nickel, and Stainless Steel
    • Linings with low friction co-efficient
    • Flex-Rigid couplings
  • Power Generation

    In recent years, the wind industry and hydroelectric systems are being implemented around the world. These systems are typically fitted with high speed and low-speed brake systems. The wind turbines require brakes for maintenance and in the vent of excessively high wind speeds to lock down the equipment.

    Turbine Motors

    GE Renewable Energy

  • Marine Industry

    Propulsion Shaft Brakes
    Rudder Control Brakes
    Manoeuvring Brakes

    Railway Equipment
    Wheel Grippers for Railway Car Dumpers

    London Underground escalators are fitted with Johnson Elevanja Magnet Disc Brakes.

  • Custom Application

    Google – Energy Kite

    Entertainment Industry – Circque du Soleil Rotating Stage, fitted with

    Johnson DS Brakes

    US Navy – Nuclear Cranes and Submarines, fitted with CX DC Magnet Disc Brakes

    Amusement Ride Industry – Disney

    Stadium Roofs – Rail Clamps

    Aerospace – NASA SMARF, Solid Motor Assembly and Readiness Facility

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