Stacker Relaimer

  • This stacker reclaimer services approximately 2.5 million Tonnes of coal, and can move up to 6,500 Tonnes/hour.

In the material handling industry, Stackers, Reclaimers, and Combination Stacker Reclaimers are utilized to move or re-position bulk materials such as coal and iron ore, in an efficient manner. The equipment is typically rail mounted providing movement in one direction and also has a boom, which can be raised or lowered for more accurate bulk material positioning. The typical Stacker is loaded via a dump truck or tractor and has a conveyor belt which moves material to another location. As the Stacker moves along the rails, it creates a systematic pile of Bulk Material for further processing. The dichotomy to the Stacker is the Reclaimer which has buckets that can scoop up the material and reposition in a different location via the conveyor belt. The braking options for a Sacker or Reclaimer can include, high speed brakes on the conveyors / bucket system, and Rail Clamps or Wheel Brakes for stopping or holding the system in a static position when high winds arise.

Stacker Reclaimer

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