Propulsion Shaft Brakes

Pneumatically Applied Caliper Disc Brake used for Vessel Maneuvering

Air applied, spring release caliper brake used for maneuvering, emergency stopping and static holding.

Types of Applications

  • Propulsion Shaft Brakes
  • Rudder Control Brakes
  • Manoeuvring Brakes
  • Winch Brakes
  • Hoist Brakes
  • Deck Crane Brakes

Winch Brakes

Winch Brake for US Navy Mine Sweepers

Winch Brake and Disc on a U.S. Navy Mine Sweeper Vessel – non-magnetic

The winch brake above is a non-ferrous (non-magnetic) fail safe, spring applied / hydraulically released disc brake.  These brakes are installed on the U.S. Navy Mine Sweeper vessels around the world.

Contact- Data sheets

Winch/Hoist Brake Application Form

Industrial Brake System Application Form

Oil Rig Brake System Application Form

Elevanja Electric Brake System Application Form

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