Service and Commissioning of Industrial Brakes, Wheel Grippers, and Rail Clamp Systems

Industrial Brake Service & Commissioning

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Precision and safety drive our understanding at Johnson Industries when it comes to operating industrial brake systems. With a legacy rooted in years of industry-leading experience, we stand committed to delivering unparalleled service and expertise in industrial brakes, wheel grippers, and storm brakes (rail clamps).

Our Offerings:

  1. Industrial Brake Systems: Our sophisticated brake systems guarantee maximum safety, efficiency, and durability. Regardless of your machinery’s scale or complexity, our team ensures the optimal functionality of your brake systems.
  2. Wheel Gripper Systems: Designed to endure the toughest conditions, our robust wheel grippers are crucial in holding railcars for railway industrial car dumping applications, ensuring uninterrupted and smooth operations.
  3. Storm Brakes (Rail Clamps): Safety demands that you protect rail-mounted systems from unpredictable weather. Industries worldwide rely on our storm brakes to stop uncontrolled movements of rail-mounted equipment during extreme conditions, specifically on trippers and port cranes.

Service & Commissioning:

Dedicated Engineers and Technicians: Our skilled engineers and technicians ensure the impeccable installation, maintenance, and commissioning of your industrial brake systems.

Comprehensive Assessments: Before diving into any service, our team thoroughly inspects and researches to pinpoint the best strategy for repairing, maintaining, or upgrading your brake systems.

Custom Solutions: Recognizing that each client has unique needs, our engineers craft solutions tailored specifically for your operations.

Post-Commissioning Support: Once we commission, you’ll receive extensive support to guarantee the continuous efficient performance of your systems.

Why Johnson Industries?

Experience: A century in the industry has solidified our reputation for excellence. Rely on our expansive experience for unparalleled service and products.

Quality Assurance: By adhering to stringent industry standards and leveraging advanced testing methodologies, we ensure top-tier quality in our brake systems.

Customer-Centric Approach: Forging lasting relationships with our clients is our team’s goal. We prioritize your satisfaction.

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