The Versatile Role of Industrial Brake Systems in Mining

Mining, a bedrock of human civilization, has witnessed unparalleled advancements over the centuries, and at the heart of its modern-day operations lie sophisticated industrial brake systems. These systems play a crucial role in a myriad of applications, transcending the ordinary expectations of braking. Picture the massive dragline excavators, delving deep into the Earth’s crust; it’s the precise brake systems that regulate their movements, ensuring safety and efficiency. Think of the high-speed conveyor belts, shuttling tons of minerals; their seamless stop-start operations owe much to the impeccably designed brakes. From towering dump trucks that navigate challenging terrains to the winches that lower equipment into subterranean depths, every piece of heavy machinery in the mining arena relies on these brakes. As manufacturers, we’re not just producing brakes; we’re crafting intricate systems that uphold the mining industry’s safety and productivity standards, driving its legacy forward.

Grinding Mills: Mine ( Mongolia ) 38’ gearless SAG Mill with Johnson Industries 2TL550 caliper brakes.

The mining sector braking requirements are vast. This sector utilizes Conveyor Systems, Grinding Mills, Stackers / Reclaimers, Mine Hoists, and various other types of rotating drive equipment, which require Brake Systems. The brake systems can be extremely large at up to 1 Million pounds [4448 kN] of clamping force, and there are also modest sized brakes, which start at 2900 pounds [12.8 kN] of clamping force. The braking systems can range from simple on/off emergency braking units to the more complex PLC controlled systems, which have several modes of braking response due to the feedback of changing conditions.

Mine Hoists

Production Mine Hoist. Main brakes DS2070-12 and high speed pinion brakes DS1020-08.

Johnson Caliper Disc Brakes and Hydraulic PLC Control Systems

Winch/Hoist Brake System Application Form

Conveyor Systems

Johnson Caliper Disc Brakes

Belt Conveyor Brake System Application Form

Conveyor System

Mine in Brazil, conveyor moving iron ore.

Filling the Gear Box at a Mine in Brazil.

CL 20 Electric Thruster disc brake for conveyor drives utilizes existing AC Power.

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