Enhancing Bridge Safety and Efficiency with Electric Thruster Drum Brakes

Bascule Bridge

Bascule Bridge

Electric Thruster Drum Brakes – Introduction

The swing, bascule, and lift bridge industry has long prioritized safety and efficiency in bridge operations. A critical component in these operations are the  industrial braking systems. For many years, Electric Thruster Drum Brakes have been at the forefront of the bridge industry. These brakes boost control, safety, and reliability in bridge operations. This article explores the defining features and uses of Electric Thruster Drum Brakes, underlining their vital contribution to the bridge industry.

Understanding the Evolution of Electric Thruster Drum Brakes

Traditional braking systems in bridge operation largely depended on manual and hydraulic methods. But with the advent of Electric Thruster Drum Brakes, the industry saw a significant shift. These brakes employ electric power to trigger the braking force, facilitating accurate control and automation in diverse bridge applications. Available in a range of AC voltages, these brakes can be paired with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for refined brake control.


Johnson Elevanja Electric Thruster Drum Brake

Electric Thruster Drum Brake mounted to a drive on a lift bridge

Highlighting the Attributes and Applications of Electric Thruster Drum Brakes

1. Electromechanical Operation:

Electric Thruster Drum Brakes employ electromechanical thrusters instead of hydraulic systems, offering benefits like easier maintenance, less downtime, and better reliability.

2. Customizable and Accurate Braking Force:

The use of electric actuation allows these brakes to provide adjustable and precise braking force. This is made possible with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) and an in-built adjustable flow control valve, ensuring safe and adaptable brake torque for bridges of different sizes and weights.

3. Space-efficient Design:

The sleek design of Electric Thruster Drum Brakes facilitates effortless incorporation into bridge power transmission drive systems, maximizing space usage and simplifying installation.

4. Protected and Sealed Structure:

The braking components are secured within a closed structure to safeguard them from environmental elements like dust, moisture, and debris. This design aspect extends the braking system’s lifespan and minimizes wear and tear.

5. Automated Lining Wear Adjuster:

Our Electric Thruster Drum Brakes come equipped with a feature that automatically adjusts lining wear. This ensures the maintenance of optimal brake torque and seamless operation throughout the lining’s lifespan.

Application in Various Bridge Types

1. Swing Bridges:

Electric Thruster Drum Brakes are widely used in swing bridges. These bridges move horizontally to allow waterway traffic to pass, and the accuracy and prompt response of the brakes are crucial for ensuring the bridge’s safe and proper alignment during its opening and closing sequences.

2. Bascule Bridges:

In bascule bridges, which use a counterweight system to lift the bridge deck, Electric Thruster Drum Brakes are essential for controlling the descent and avoiding abrupt movements. They ensure a secure and smooth lowering process.

3. Lift Bridges:

Lift bridges move vertically and depend on Electric Thruster Drum Brakes in their drive systems to control the descent and secure the position. The regulated braking is crucial for averting accidents during the bridge’s lift operations.

Final Thoughts

In the last few decades, Electric Thruster Drum Brakes have introduced a significant transformation in the swing, bascule, and lift bridge industry. They present an advanced and reliable alternative for industrial brake systems used alongside power transmission drives.

Precise Control

With their precise control, automation functionalities, and improved safety features, these brakes have played a pivotal role.

Technological Advancements

As technological advancements continue to progress, Electric Thruster Drum Brakes are now an essential part of the bridge industry, leading the way in safety and efficiency improvements.

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