The Precision of High-Duty Cycle Brakes in Wood Handling

When it comes to the wood handling crane industry, precision isn’t merely an advantage—it’s a necessity. Given the task of transporting massive logs onto trucks, there’s no room for error. Enter the world of high-duty cycle brakes. These brakes aren’t just built for endurance; they’re crafted for the utmost precision. Whether it’s the subtle movement of a single log or the lifting of an entire bundle, the brake’s response time and accuracy are pivotal.

Wood Handling Crane - Forestry Sector

Industrial Brake System installed on Wood Handling Crane

Transitioning from Traditional to Advanced Braking

Transitioning from the traditional braking systems, today’s high-duty cycle brakes are revolutionizing the wood handling industry. In an arena where every millimeter counts, these brakes offer unparalleled control. Moreover, their robust design ensures they stand up to the wear and tear of repeated, intense use. In turn, operations become smoother, with fewer hitches, ensuring trucks are loaded more efficiently and safely.


Beyond the Ordinary: Pushing the Boundaries of Control

But why settle for ordinary when extraordinary is within reach? The wood handling crane industry, ever-evolving, demands brakes that push the boundaries of control. With every log loaded, there’s a balance of power and precision at play. The high-duty cycle brakes rise to this challenge, ensuring that even under the most demanding circumstances, control remains in the operator’s hands, resulting in flawless executions time and time again.

Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes

Transitioning to efficiency, the log-handling crane, equipped with 58HHH toggle lever high duty cycle caliper disc brakes and HU043SR hydraulic power unit, not only demands a smaller work envelope but also stands out as a more environmentally friendly solution in contrast to other raw log handling techniques.

Emergency/parking brake. Travel drive brakes for log handling.

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